Der Fotograf - Toni Trommer

The Photographer

Toni. Software-Entwickler from Saarbrücken, and the Photography is my passion. After making my living as a commercial photographer a few years ago, I decided for a different career for several reasons. But the photography always stayed one of the most important parts of my life ...

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Canon EOS 600D

The Tool

The heart of the photographer and always with him: The Canon EOS 600D and a whole bunch of accessories. Impressive 18 megapixels, rotatable and swivelling display, high easy of use, suitable for all EF-/EF-S lenses and a lot of EOS equipment: The EOS 600D does not leave any wish unanswered ...


The Passion

Whether landscape or city, nature or architecture. New or old, intact or broken. Beauty is everywhere, you just need to find it. I believe that photography isn't just about sunsets and cute animals - anything can, seen from the right perspective, become an awesome place or moment in time ...

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